British Columbia Heathen Freehold

About Us

Image of the Einherjar gathered in Valhalla.

We are dedicated to advocating for and practicing Inclusive Heathenry, also known as Asatru, Forn Sed, Fyrnsidu, or Germanic Neo-paganism. We believe that all who hear the call of the gods, goddesses, elves, and wights are welcome to join us regardless of ethnicity, affectional preferences, gender identity, disabilities, or any other trait.

Photo of the Freehold Banner, Sleipnir surrounded by two serpents biting each other's tails.

We are building our community across the Province of British Columbia. We welcome you to join us at our next public ritual near you.

Our Practices

Members and friends of the Freehold gathered at Husel (sacred feast) during the 2018 Althing.

Our Customs

We are not an Orthodoxic religion, we don’t care what you believe. We are an Orthopraxic religion, we care how you act. We hold public rituals on a regular basis in several areas of B.C. contact us to find the closest Kindred to you.

An altar prepared to honour Thor during a Lammas faining.

Our Calendar

The BCHF has developed a ritual calendar which can serve as a baseline for our Kindreds and members to determine when they would like to honour the gods, goddesses, wights, and ancestors.

Ves (shrines) to the 13 deities of the Freehold Pantheon arranged around a table during the 2018 Althing.

Deities of the Freehold Pantheon

Our community’s pantheon consists of 13 deities. This is not a comprehensive list of deities worshiped by our membership, but rather a list of those deities that have most influenced our shared practice and experiences.

On left, an altar prepared to honour the elves/landwights during a May Day faining. On right, the Freehold banner.

Our Kindreds

Kindreds are local congregations of our religion. They serve to provide fellowship, education, and community for local Heathens and those interested in Heathenry.

Fall 2021 Freeholder Call for Submissions

Hello again! This is Kristy, your BCHF Editor. Been a while. It’s been far too long since we saw an edition of The Freeholder. No surprise, given we’ve all been contending with the plague (aka Covid-19) for the last year and a half. Although we’re not quite back to “normal” as yet – if ever…


Hail and welcome! It is a true pleasure to announce that the BCHF has established another venue through which Heathens can network, discuss, and share knowledge. We have created a Discord server which is open to all that wish to join. It is hoped that Heathens and interested others will be able to learn and…

Winternights 2020

Winternights marks the end of the harvest season. This is the time of year where the last crops are brought in to help our communities survive the winter. The British Columbia Heathen Freehold celebrates this festival at the same time as Thanksgiving here in Canada. We will be hosting a Live-streamed faining to celebrate the…

BCHF Awards 2020

Each year the British Columbia Heathen Freehold makes awards to recognise those within and outside of our community for their achievements. This year’s award winners were an amazing crop of nominees that we believe embody the spirit of our awards. Freeholder of the Year This is the only award that the Freehold must make every…

Althing 2020 Results

Yesterday the 2020 BCHF Althing came to it’s conclusion. We have many exciting announcements to make. The Freehold has adopted a new constitution, amended our by-laws, and made awards and presentations. The constitution was adopted as proposed by the Witangemot (Board of Directors) without amendment by the Althing. This new constitution clearly states our community’s…

Lammas 2020

Today the Freehold will be hosting our Lammas faining online through Facebook.We hope that you will all be able to join us as we celebrate Thor, and honour the gods, goddesses, elves, dwarves, and ancestors on this bright sunny day. The term Lammas is Old English for “loaf mass” where the first loaves of bread…

Althing 2020

Hail Members of the Freehold! The Witangemot is proud to announce the dates and format for our 2020 Althing. We will be using a private Facebook group that is invitation only to ensure that all members have the opportunity to voice their opinions and cast their votes on the important items on our agenda. Members…

Midsummer 2020

Midsummer is a common folk celebration throughout Germanic countries to this day. It is a time to mark the pleasantries of summer and the recreational activities it affords us. While there are no surviving attestations of the ancient Germanic peoples celebrating Midsummer, the Freehold has chosen to include it as a modern celebration, due to…

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