Hail and welcome!

It is a true pleasure to announce that the BCHF has established another venue through which Heathens can network, discuss, and share knowledge. We have created a Discord server which is open to all that wish to join. It is hoped that Heathens and interested others will be able to learn and grow as a community.

As it is a fairly new endeavour, any feedback or critiques you may have are welcome so that we may better serve the community.

In Frith and Service,
Aaron Brookes
Freyr of the BCHF

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  1. Happy to hear of this group my fiancee and I are thinking of moving to BC (currently AB) we are going to be in BC and hopefully getting married at the end of July but don’t want to go about via Christian ministries as we are both practicing Heathens and we are hoping to find somebody able to perform a legal but tradition Handfasting ceremony wedding


  2. I’m very excited to make some new connections through Discord, but the link isn’t working!


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