Fall 2021 Freeholder Call for Submissions

Hello again!

This is Kristy, your BCHF Editor. Been a while.

It’s been far too long since we saw an edition of The Freeholder. No surprise, given we’ve all been contending with the plague (aka Covid-19) for the last year and a half. Although we’re not quite back to “normal” as yet – if ever – let us use the technology available to us to re/connect and maintain our community ties.

Let’s get The Freeholder up & running again! My plan is for a smaller reintroductory issue to be released in late September/early October, then a larger Yule Edition for December.

I hereby invite everyone to offer a contribution to the Freeholder, if you wish to do so. I doubly encourage our new & probationary members of the Freehold to offer submissions – we’d love to hear the perspectives of those new to Heathenry!

“What kind of material?” you ask?
“What have you got?” is my reply.

Do you have an article, short story or a poem you’d like to share?
Do you have a art or craft project you’d like to showcase?
Any boasts to proclaim or reaffirm?
Any online events coming up in the next few months?
Do you have news you would like to announce?
Any other thoughts, essays or the like to share?

If yes, please send an email to editor@bcheathenfreehold.org.

Deadline for submissions is 9pm on Friday 10th September 2021.

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