Yesterday the 2020 BCHF Althing came to it’s conclusion. We have many exciting announcements to make. The Freehold has adopted a new constitution, amended our by-laws, and made awards and presentations.

The constitution was adopted as proposed by the Witangemot (Board of Directors) without amendment by the Althing. This new constitution clearly states our community’s purposes and beliefs. There is also a very loose organisational structure around which we can adapt to changing circumstances without re-writing our constitution every decade to keep it current.

The amended by-laws reflect the new structure of our constitution and provide for clarification of the structures and beliefs found there. The most drastic change in the by-laws centres around our former Ritual and Lore Council which has been amalgamated into the Witangemot. The Ritual and Lore Council was responsible for setting the Freehold’s Religious Calendar and training those who wished to become priests. The following positions were members of both the Ritual and Lore Council and the Witangemot, the Freyr, the goðar(priest(esse)s) of the kindreds, and the Keeper of the Council. With this level of overlap in positions that must be both, and a near identical overlap in other witan and members of the RLC, it was determined to take the lead of most other religious bodies in Canada and amalgamate our administrative and religious oversight bodies. The other aspect of this was the need to create he new office of Jarl of the Freehold, who serves as the deputy of the Freyr.

You may find a complete summary of all decisions made by the Althing here in the minutes.

If anyone wishes to express concerns, questions, or opinions about these matters, I invite you to contact us either here or through our social media.

In frith and service,
Aaron Brookes
Freyr of the Freehold

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