Council of Guilds

The Council of Guilds is responsible for the establishment and maintenance of guilds, as well as overseeing any training programs that the guilds may choose to create. The Council of Guilds is comprised of the Drightens (Guild Leaders) and the Freyr of the Freehold, they elect from amongst themselves a Keeper to chair the council and manage routine administration.

Women’s Guild

The Women’s Guild is a private environment in which the women (cis or trans) of the Freehold are able to discuss topics that women don’t feel comfortable discussing in more public forums. If you are a Freeholder and identify as a woman, please consider joining this guild (you may have an answer that will help one of our younger members).

Rune Guild

The Rune Guild is dedicated to the study of the runes. The three most common Futharks used within the Rune Guild are the Elder Futhark, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, and Younger Futhark. The uses which are studied include but are not limited to: runic literacy (reading and writing), divination, and the crafting of charms.

Seidh Guild

The Seidh Guild is dedicated to the study of the Seidh/Spae. Seidh is Heathen Trance Magic, experienced practitioners are able to Fare Forth and travel through the nine realms searching for knowledge to assist themselves or others.

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