Ritual and Lore


The Ritual and Lore Council is responsible for education and training in the knowledge and skills of Heathen Priestcraft. They are also responsible for ensuring there are resources available to all members and kindreds of the Freehold that they may perform rites to honour the gods, goddesses, wights, and ancestors.

Introduction to Freehold Heathenry

The introduction to Freehold Heathenry course is a prerequisite to all other courses and training programs offered by the BCHF. While strongly encouraged, it is not necessary to complete unless you want to undergo specialised training.

Freehold Liturgist Program

The Freehold Liturgist Program is designed to train individuals in how to properly fulfill the roles people expect from our priests. This ranges from knowledge of the lore to expertise in designing and leading ritual activity, from pastoral counselling to magical practices. All those who complete the Liturgist Program will have demonstrated significant knowledge and expertise in the skills that are vital to Heathen Priesthood.

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