The Freehold is organised as a governing body to oversee, guide, and support the local kindreds that have chosen to join with us in promoting an Inclusive Heathen view within the Province of British Columbia. Major decisions such as amendments to our by-laws and the acceptance of new members or kindreds is subject to approval by the Althing (our Annual General Meeting) which meets every Summer and voting is open to all Members of the Freehold. Routine management of the Freehold is left in the hands of the Freyr and Witan of the Freehold. Guilds and their Halls fall under the auspices of the Council of Guilds. Ritual activity and education is the purview of the Ritual and Lore Council.


The Freyr is the Sacral Luck-holder, Chief Priest, and President of the British Columbia Heathen Freehold. As the highest officer within the Freehold, the Freyr is responsible for ensuring that the Freehold meets our stated goals, advising other officers and members when asked, and ensures that the Freehold maintains our positive gifting relationship with the gods and goddesses.


The Witan are the members of the executive council that advises the Freyr in managing the routine operation of the Freehold, and has the power to make decisions that cannot wait for the Althing to be convened. Each individual Wita is chosen by a different set of criteria. The Ombudsman is elected annually by the Althing to represent the interests of the Membership and ensure that members are treated fairly in all regards. The Keepers of the Councils are elected by their respective Council and advocate on behalf of their membership. The Jarls are elected by their kindreds, to ensure each kindred has representation in the management of the Freehold. The Thanes are elected by the Althing when it is felt that someone has made exceptional contributions to the Freehold.

BCHF Constitution

The Constitution of the BCHF is approved and amended by the Althing. It serve as the basis for any policy decision and provides the basic outline of how we are organised.

BCHF By-laws

The By-laws of the BCHF are approved and amended by the Althing. They delineate who is responsible for many possible tasks, and provide clarification and explanation of the BCHF Constitution.

Althing Minutes

The minutes from previous Althings are provided here to allow members and other interested parties to review the decisions that have been made.

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