Freehold Kindreds

The Freehold Kindreds are our local congregations and are analogous to a local church, mosque, temple, or synagogue of other faith groups. They are the Freehold’s primary way to interact with and support Heathens. We expect those who lead our Kindreds to be familiar with Heathen lore, basic helping skills, and ritual design.

If you are interested in forming a Provisional Kindred in your community, you will need to be a Freehold member and complete an application for the Witangemot to review. Once you have reached the requirements of becoming an Established Kindred, you will need to petition the Althing for recognition.

Skadhi’s Mountain Kindred

based in Salmon Arm and serving the Shuswap area since 2018 when SMK hived off from Serpent Lake Kindred of Vernon. Named in reference to Mt Ida that dominates their local landscape, they are dedicated to ensuring the local elves are honoured and respected along with their Matron Goddess Skadhi.

Burrardfjord Kindred

Based in North Vancouver, and named in honour of Burrard inlet, Burrardfjord Kindred is dedicated to promoting Inclusive Heathenry. Dedicated to Njord, this Kindred welcomes all who come in Frith. They organise regular fainings, pub and coffee moots, and other opportunities to meet and engage with other Heathens in North Vancouver and Vancouver.

Form a Provisional Kindred

The current minimum requirements in the Freehold by-laws are:

  • At least One Freehold Member
  • Proposed Kindred Name

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  1. Hello I’m new to heathenry and would love to be put in contact with other like minded people . Can you help me?


    1. The best thing would be to tell us your location, and then we can compare it to the locations of the kindreds. I am the Clerk of the Freehold, so I maintain that kind of information. Come to think of it, Aaron Brookes could update my information. I will send him a message, too. – Garth Spencer, Vancouver –


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