Dísablót originates as a Scandinavian festival honouring the Dísir. Depending on where you were within the Norse world the timing of the Dísablót varied, either at the beginning or towards the end of Winter. The Freehold has opted to place our Dísablót on the Family Day weekend. The comparable festival amongst the Anglo-Saxons was a charming of the fields by burying cakes during the month of Solmonath, roughly February.

The Dísir are also known as the Idise, Matronae, or Mothers. They are a diverse class of spirits ranging from Frigge and Freya to human women that made important contributions to their tribes in life. Today the Freehold encourages the honouring of the Mothers as some of the holy powers that are most invested in the survival and prosperity of individual members of our community.

We wish you a happy Dísablót, where you begin your fresh start for the year. May the Mothers bless you and your household.

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