Althing 2023 – Return to the Real World!

After years of online events due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the BCHF is pleased to announce that Althing 2023 will be an in-person event. The first since 2019! Althing 2023Dates: August 4th to 7th, 2023.Location: Vancouver Island, BC. More details to come, and registration will be opening soon!

Althing 2020 Results

Yesterday the 2020 BCHF Althing came to it’s conclusion. We have many exciting announcements to make. The Freehold has adopted a new constitution, amended our by-laws, and made awards and presentations. The constitution was adopted as proposed by the Witangemot (Board of Directors) without amendment by the Althing. This new constitution clearly states our community’s …

Althing 2020

Hail Members of the Freehold! The Witangemot is proud to announce the dates and format for our 2020 Althing. We will be using a private Facebook group that is invitation only to ensure that all members have the opportunity to voice their opinions and cast their votes on the important items on our agenda. Members …

Althing 2020

Hail members and friends of the Freehold! As many of you are no doubt aware Novel Coronavirus is currently spreading among the population, and everyone is now being required to take every possible step to limit infection vectors. It is for this reason that we will not be hosting a physical Althing this year. We …

2019 Althing Awards

This last Labour Day long weekend when the Freehold was gathered at the Althing, we continued an important tradition of the Freehold. By consensus of the community we made awards to recognise those who deserved them. There were four recipients of three awards that the Freehold has created.