Althing 2020

Hail Members of the Freehold!

The Witangemot is proud to announce the dates and format for our 2020 Althing. We will be using a private Facebook group that is invitation only to ensure that all members have the opportunity to voice their opinions and cast their votes on the important items on our agenda. Members of the Freehold should ensure they have been added to the Althing group by the 1st of August so as to prevent delays. Members who do not wish to join the Facebook group may ask for an absentee ballot to vote on matters that are on the agenda, or they may designate a proxy to cast a vote on their behalf.

The dates and schedule for the Althing is as follows:

  • August 4th
    • reports submitted by the guilds, councils, kindreds, and officers of the Freehold
  • August 5th
    • motion to accept reports
    • Discussion of item 2.1 Proposal to adopt the new constitution, last chance to recommend amendments be made
  • August 6th
    • Vote to accept or reject item 2.1 the proposed Constitution
    • Discussion of item 2.2 by-law amendments to reflect the new constitution, other amendments may be suggested
  • August 7th
    • Vote to accept or reject item 2.2 amendments to the by-laws
    • Discussion of item 2.3 grant a two year grace period for current Goðar to meet new requirements
    • Discussion of item 2.4 budget for 2020/2021
  • August 8th
    • Vote on item 2.3 Goðar grace period, if item 2.2 by-law amendments was passed
    • Vote on item 2.4 budget
    • Discuss any new business brought forth by members
  • August 9th
    • Vote on any business brought by the members
    • Nominations for awards
    • Discussion of probationary members eligible for acceptance as full members
    • Nominations for Ombudsman, up to three Thanes, and the Freyr (if necessary)
  • August 10th
    • Vote on award candidates
    • Vote for acceptance of probationary members
    • Vote for Freehold Officer elections
    • Confirmation of Jarl, if necessary
    • Instruct guilds, council, and Kindreds to conduct elections, and report the results
    • Motion to close the Althing

This format was chosen so as to enable maximum participation by our members. We desire your input on how our community should be run, what our goals should be, and how to implement them. If you don’t speak up, you can’t be heard. All members of the Freehold are entitled to be heard at the Althing, so do not hesitate to let us know. You are encouraged to read the Agenda, draft Constitution, and draft by-laws before we begin so that you are prepared to discuss, ask questions of clarification, and make any suggestions you might have.

If you do not receive an invite to the Althing group, and you are a member, please contact us at

In Frith and Service,
Aaron Brookes
Freyr of the BCHF

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