Midsummer 2020

Midsummer is a common folk celebration throughout Germanic countries to this day. It is a time to mark the pleasantries of summer and the recreational activities it affords us. While there are no surviving attestations of the ancient Germanic peoples celebrating Midsummer, the Freehold has chosen to include it as a modern celebration, due to it’s prevalence in Modern and Mediaeval Germanic Countries. The likely reason there was no major Faining during Summer in ancient times is that most of those who could vote in a Thing/Moot would have been away, raiding, trading, or exploring during the season of war and commerce.

Our modern Freehold practice has designated Midsummer as the fourth major faining. Midsummer is usually a great time to gather in the sun and commune with the gods, goddesses, and wights outside of the home. Sunna is a frequent choice for the deity to honour at Midsummer, this is the time when she is most felt in our world. We will be offering Sunna our worship as we gather online this June 21st at 4:00pm PDT.

We invite all to join us in reverence and worship of the goddess of sun and summer.

In frith and service,
Aaron Brookes
Freyr of the BCHF

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